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Apparel with Meaning

Apparel with Meaning.

This article was written for Slingshot Publishing.

What is it that you desire from Christian apparel? Is it a quality T-shirt, relevant content or great customer service? If it’s any or all of those things Slingshot Publishing has you covered. They’ve been serving the community for over a decade now and have no plans to stop. Starting in 2004 the original founder had a vision of making the story of Jesus known through relevant T-shirts and posters. To get in contact with Slingshot Publishing don’t hesitate to call them at 800-930-5491.

When you think of your favorite T-shirt you think of a few simple attributes. The T-shirt fits just right, it’s soft, and represents something you care about. These are the exact attributes Slingshot Publishing has strived for many years to make in their shirts. Using 6 ounce 100% USA made cotton you’re guaranteed to give the softer shirt. To ensure the longevity of the construction of the shirt they are double stitched and preshrunk. There’s nothing better than knowing the sure you first put on the same sure you’ll be putting on for many years to come.

Although the story of Jesus is over 2000 years old the design concepts produced by Slingshot Publishing are cutting-edge. They use the combination of mainstream imagery and historic Scripture to convey the story of Jesus to a new generation. The graphic content sticks out, is memorable and as of overly Christian. Their design concepts can range from sporty, artsy to downright ironic and hilarious. You can find many of these prints on wall art, copy tumblers and stickers. Slingshot Publishing has provided a way to be more outspoken about your faith than ever before.

It’s easy to stand behind something you truly believe. Slingshot Publishing has one mission. That mission is to make the story of Jesus known. They believe it is a story of passion, grace, hope and of a Savior. This is conveyed in every product they put out an even more so in their customer service and values. Whether you choose to communicate through email or over the phone you will quickly realize the strong values at the heart of this company. There are many publishing companies; however, there are few publishing companies with the strong set of core values.

Slingshot Publishing can meet all of your needs for Christian apparel. They offer quality T-shirts, relevant content and great customer service. For the past 10 years they’ve gained all the necessary experience needed to produce the highest quality and most relevant content product. with the new year they’re proud to announce a new and improved Slingshot Publishing. Don’t hesitate to check out all they have to offer or ask any questions that you have concerning their services and product. The best way to get a hold of them is at 800-930-5491.

T-Shirts with Heart.

 This article was written for Slingshot Publishing.

Researching for a T-shirt that’s more than just a graphic and cotton? If that’s you, check out Slingshot Publishing for all of your christian apparel needs. With more than 10 years experience, Slingshot Publishing has been pushing the boundaries of Christian apparel. they’ve been serving the community with awesome products, incredible customer service and faith-based values since 2004. For questions as to how you can get your hands on one of their cutting-edge T-shirts call them at 800-930-5491.

Not only can you get amazing T-shirts from this publishing company but you can get other great gift ideas. T-shirts are at the heart of this company and generate the most revenues for them. This is also offered them of the ability to focus on other products. These products range from wall art to coffee tumblers. With a wide array of other gift ideas that have something for just about everyone. Each piece of product they push out is made with love and printed with the relevant design displayed faith.

Unlike many other publishing companies Slingshot Publishing is within earshot of the consumer. They desire to hear from you by offering quick to respond email outlets, phone numbers and chat options. Being receiving is one of their core values. Feedback and experiences are worth more than gold to Slingshot Publishing. This is one of the many comforts of working with this publishing company. It’s easy to see where they are one of the top publishing companies and their genre and have been in the game for so long.

Not only do both their awesome products and customer service reflect faith but it is also at the core of their beliefs and values. It is been a mission of this publishing company since early 2004 to put the message of Christ on display through relevant content. Whether it is a poster, a T-shirt or a sticker the story of Christ is easy to see on everything they do. This is, yet another comfort of working within. Knowing you are not only purchasing great content but you are helping to spread the story of Jesus and the ministry of others.

Slingshot Publishing is not only the easiest option but the best option to choose when pursuing Christian apparel. You can be assured that you’re getting awesome content, great customer service and are working with a faith-based company. They have the heart, experience and drive to continue to deliver relevant content for many more years to come. Your next favorite T-shirt is just a click or phone call away. Take the time to ask the many questions that you may have at 800-930-5491.

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