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The Beauty of Christian Apparel is in the Broken that Wear It

The Beauty of Christian Apparel is in the Broken that Wear It

Slingshot Christian products designs Christian all are for the sole purpose of promoting the gospel of Christ. That goal, that purpose can be done in many various ways and take on many different forms. We approach our sole purpose from multiple angles. In fact, that is not unlike how Jesus taught His disciples about the Kingdom of Heaven. It was one message, with one purpose but took on various forms. Consider how many times you’ve heard Jesus say “The Kingdom of Heaven is like…” There are so many places in scripture that Jesus teaches this.

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a hidden treasure (Matt. 13:44). The Kingdom of heaven is like a pearl of great price (Matt. 13:45). The Kingdom of Heaven is like the treasures of an entire household (Matt. 13:52). The Kingdom of Heaven is like yeast (Matt. 13:33). The Kingdom of Heaven is like a mustard seed (Matt. 13:31-32). The Kingdom of Heaven is like a field and a seed (Mark 4:26-29). The Kingdom of Heaven is like a net (Matt. 13:47-50). It seems like many messages, but really, they are all communicating the same thing.

The bible is all about one message, but in many forms. There really is only one message throughout all 66 books, all 40 authors are delivering one coherent message to the reader. God loves us. It breaks into so many different subjects. There are many different delivery methods. But when we look at the whole message, the whole of the message is simply this: God Loves Us! And that message is enough. That message is a message that can reverse the tides and change our futures.

When we create Christian Apparel, we are seeking to deliver that one coherent message, but we deliver it many different ways. Our goal is to speak to as many people as possible but the reality is that each and every T-Shirt is going to speak to some more than others. Some people with hear a message such as “Beauty in the Broken” and it will seem like nothing more than a trendy little quip. However to some, that message, that beauty is found in the broken things of life. That sometime the most important things are the things that have hurt the most. The lessons we cling to for life have come from the broken times, the lonely times and the most wretched times of our existence.  That message may be the most encouraging thing someone has heard all week, all month of all year. Maybe it turns a heart from sadness and depression. Maybe that message gives hope where hope felt lost and the future felt terrifying. Maybe it turns the eyes of s hurting person away from their pain, away from their opposition and towards a loving Savior that works all things together for the good of those who love Him.



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