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Christian Apparel is Our Armor

This article is written for Slingshot Christian Products. You can contact us at 1-800-930-5491 or visit our website www.slingshotchristianproducts.com. It is our mission to create great Christian designs that spread the message of the gospel of Christ. Christian Apparel is just as much for you, the one wearing the shirt as the person you are evangelizing to. The message we wear may be as much to edify ourselves as it is to ‘proclaim the gospel’. We believe that what we say about ourselves matters more than we realize. Through the spoken word God created the universe. He spoke the existence of man into being and formed all living things. The bible speaks of our tongue as the rudder of the ship, steering our lives into blessing or into dark waters. Look up the passage for yourself and give it a read. It is fascinating to see how much impression on our lives our words have. The scripture is found in James 3.

James 3:4-5New Living Translation (NLT)

And a small rudder makes a huge ship turn wherever the pilot chooses to go, even though the winds are strong. In the same way, the tongue is a small thing that makes grand speeches.

But a tiny spark can set a great forest on fire.

We have 6 children in our family and they are in love with Toby Mac! His song Speak Life has become an anthem for our family because among the many things my wife and I desire for our kids, one of them is to see them encourage each other, build one another up and be each other’s greatest cheerleaders. The impression of this mantra is on each one of them is most evident when the opposite happens. How quickly they can tear each other down. Conversely, however, how significantly can they build one another back up. When the standard of living has become encouragement, it only highlights the fact that our words are important. We believe our words are packed full of meaning and significance.  So much so that they will form our belief systems and worldviews. We will begin to interpret our surroundings and our everyday life beginning from what we speak and what has been spoken over us. Let me give an example.

We have the privilege of being part of a great church where we have amazing relationships with people from all kinds of walks of life and with all kinds of struggles. My wife has a dear friend that has struggled through cancer and is, very gratefully, on the other side of the battle. She was talking with us about her journey and sharing some of her struggles, challenges and thoughts along the way. In the deep waters of radiation therapy, surgery and all other various forms of invasive and non-invasive cancer treatments, she became painfully aware of how difficult it was to keep a posture of faith. The Word declares that she is healed, but she sure didn’t feel healthy. The word promises peace that passes her understanding, but in those desperate and lonely moments she sure didn’t feel at peace. The promise of God the Father is that she lives a life free from shame, free from depression and worry. Reality felt a thousand miles from freedom with the wires and the tubes holding her to her bed. It felt as if a chain of appointments demanded her time and ultimate adherence to the schedule of medicine. Faith felt far away, becoming only a distant reality only to be realized in some fictional, utopian fantasy.

Her words to us were: “If only there was something that I could wear that would be for me. A hidden promise only for me to, quite literally, put on the promises of God to reinforce my faith walk.”

Isn’t this similar for all of us? Maybe our situation isn’t nearly as dire, nor is it as distinctly clear to see. Maybe it is as simple as the clouded view of the future ahead, and fear of it. Maybe it is a struggle with a hidden addiction that only you know about. Possibly it is a deep hurt that you’ve had to handle for years upon years. But the enemy loves to operate hidden in the shadows of subtlety. We all share this same faith struggle, don’t we? The word says you are free, but do you believe it? Do you live it? Jesus says you are loved, but is that true in your mind?

Reality and perception collide.

We made a shirt line that is specifically for this purpose. This line of Christian Apparel is designed to declare the truths that we so often forget. We encourage you to put on the promises of God, to be worn and to be remembered. Each shirt declares a small promise, that is just for you to believe and it is for today. This line is for you to speak life over your reality and over your circumstance.

These shirts have a subtle message in the bottom corner of the hem that is a biblical promise.

You are Loved.

Peace that passes understanding.

I am Free.

I am Healed.

Sometimes the things that are painfully simple are the most profound, aren’t they? Furthermore, we have mated each shirt with a tag packed full of scripture for you to study and massage that message of truth deep into your soul.

We encourage you to look at our tank tops that feature these simple messages and consider that you are free, even when you feel captive. You are healed, in the midst of your infirmity. You are loved, even when you sense the most painful rejection. And you have been given peace that goes beyond your comprehension of your current circumstance.

So allow me to leave you with this. The Bible tells us to Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes (Ephesians 6). Let us do exactly that. Put on God’s word, His promises and His truth as we stand, together, against the schemes of the devil!

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